Looking at the Types of Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft pistols have many uses, both in and out of the game of airsoft. The first airsoft gun that many people get is a pistol, as they are usually cheaper than other types of airsoft guns and they are a lot easier to handle. There are three distinct varieties of airsoft pistols, and each roughly corresponds to the skill level of the user.

The most simple kind of airsoft pistol is a spring, which must be cocked before each shot. A spring piston hits each BB, and depending on the power of the spring, the BB will go a certain speed out of the barrel. These are the cheapest airsoft pistols around, which is another reason why so many people have them. Even experienced players often have a springer from their old days, or just because they saw one that they looked like. There are still some pretty good spring airsoft pistols on the market, and they can reach as high around thirty five dollars.

Next is electric airsoft pistols, which are the most popular. The reason people like them so much is because all you need is batteries, and you have an automatic pistol that does not need to be cocked. The main drawback with electric pistols is unless you have a really good one, the velocities of the pellets are not that high. This can be overcome with some simple upgrades, or as stated, just purchasing a good product.

The last type is gas pistols, which utilize green gas, CO2, or a variety of other gases as the source of power. Green gas is certainly the most popular, although many people use compressed air, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide. I find the disadvantage with these pistols to be the need to constantly repurchase gas cartridges or refill them. An electric gun only needs batteries, and that is a lot easier than using gas. However, gas pistols are by far the most powerful of all the types of airsoft guns, because gas is used to propel the BB instead of a spring (an electric gun works the same as a spring, except it is automated)
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