Why Get the KWA M9 PTP Metal Gas Airsoft Pistol?

Do you love gas airsoft blowback pistols? There are many great airsoft pistols to choose from. However, the KWA M9 PTP Metal Gas Airsoft Pistol is a well-respected and loved side arm for airsoft enthusiasts for good reason. It replicates the Berretta M9 remarkably well.

The Beretta M9 Pistol has a very colorful history in becoming the primary military pistol adopted in 1985. It officially entered service in 1990. The Beretta M9/92 pistol has been in service with our military for almost 20 years now. It remains a weapon of consideration when choosing. Just as the KWA M9 PTP (Professional Training Pistol) is a great choice for airsoft battles and target shooting. The M9 PTP was developed exclusively as a durable professional training weapon. What sets it apart from other pistols is the redesigned System 7 blow back unit which produces a much stronger recoil, higher muzzle velocity and better gas efficiency. The KWA new internal gas delivery system saw nearly every part of the main gas system overhauled and re-engineered to improve efficiency and reliability. The heart of the new system is a brand new advance lightweight gas piston that increases the weapon cycle rate which provides a faster and much more realistic blow back action. The magazine has also been updated with a locking follower so you now no longer need a special tool to load it; making it possible to easily reload in the field. Rather than metal stamping, the new magazine is milled from one solid piece of steel bar stock. The beveled magazine well aids in quick and accurate reload. A new O-ring designed needle valve prevents excessive green gas from escaping during gas fill ups.
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The brand new KWA M9 PTP Metal Gas Airsoft Pistol uses a new outer barrel design with integrated feed ramp and locking block for positive feeding and reduced lockup time. The frame and slide of the M9 PTP is constructed from high quality alloy steel and is made to a 1:1 ratio from the real firearm it replicates. Weights are strategically distributed during production process to closely match the load and balance of the Beretta M9 which it replicates. It also operates exactly like the real thing right down to the slide mounted ambidextrous decocker/safety levers.

Putting your KWA M9 PTP Metal Gas Airsoft Pistol to use, you will soon realize that the System 7 blow back delivers a significant kick and is significantly louder than the older system. While you draw the KWA M9 PTP out of your holster and knock off some rounds at around 350 fps into a target, you’ll find it extremely gratifying. Overall this airsoft pistol is an exceptionally realistic model which makes it ideal for both serious training as well your preferred sidearm on the battlefield.

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