Why Is Magento the Best Ecommerce Platform?

It is raining eCommerce everywhere, and Magneto makes these online portals run beautifully while presenting top-class customer-friendly features. Magento is, in fact , everything that an eCommerce marketer would want to have within the online shopping platforms- exhibit product lines, give simple payment gateways, deliver day-to-day customer service and manage all back-end operations effectively.

If you are looking for a basic content management system, that nearly 50% of the major brands are using, jump onto Magento Platform. Here are seven top of the line features that makes it the “go-to” choice for all eCommerce operations.

Open up source… Freeware

What more could a developer want from an eCommerce-friendly platform! Magento is an open supply product and has a huge community that consistently upgrades it to latest tools and features. As one of the almost all active eCommerce platforms, Magento loves the advantage of a reliable open-source freeware along with minimum glitches.

If you still want a support team to keep you updated on the “what’s new” in Magento, you have two other options:

Magento Business
Magento Go (paid version along with hosted service on exclusive Magento servers)
Easy to download and install

Apart from being a freeware, Magento is easy to download and gets installed instantly. All the versions are available upon Magento Connect- which by the way is the largest eCommerce app store. Once set up, you can enjoy free upgrades along with plug-ins to set your eCommerce programs rolling.

The features are free of security flaws and even from the stage of enterprise applications, Magento provides a Secure Payment Bridge with PCI Data Security Standard.

Superior integration with 24/7 admin support

Magento is a highly flexible package taking into consideration its PHP-driven integration. If you’re ready to find out more information about cloud based ecommerce for B2B2C take a look at the site.
With scalable solution and real-time network assistance, its eCommerce compatibility allows profitable integration, that too with superior interface and compelling marketing features.

Easy to use features load instantly, even when improved and migrated to a different platform, its automatic updates and versatile benefits push sales revenue by compelling visitors to navigate through relevant web pages and galleries.

Exclusive package of eCommerce features

Be it for start-ups or for established retail manufacturers, Magento more or less offers all the modern features that would make an eCommerce site run efficiently. The freeware offers:

Interactive user dashboards
Robust real-time inventory management
Logistics and shipping strategies
Integrated Cloud-based CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT and ERP platforms
Mobility capabilities with automated marketing
Email, TEXT MESSAGE and visual marketing
Fast launching, quick returns

Web users want a specific site to open in less than 3 mere seconds flat! ECommerce platforms powered by Magento generate a significantly increased conversion rate as compared to other set up paid and open source rooms. Its quickness is built on its capabilities that allow Varnish-powered web page caching and humongous volume of data retrieval in few milliseconds.

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