Back To Black – The Allure associated with Black Jewellery

Black jewellery isn’t dull! It can be elegant and sophisticated, and will complement any outfit. As a fan of darkish coloured stones myself, I like their particular associations with the lore of crystals and gemstones. According to legend, black stones are noted for their grounding powers, acting as anchors to return the truth-seeker to reality. Person stones are also considered to have their very own powers, of which more later. Dark stones absorb colour and therefore do not reflect any light. They are associated with the planet Saturn, and can stand for rebellion and fortitude.

Former associations along with elderly aunts and the Victorians and their use of black stones such as Whitby jet for mourning jewelry have now given way to classy plus stylish jewellery which can be used on its very own or combined with other stones plus diamonds. The possibilities are endless : worn as rings or placed in silver necklaces, or set in uncommon materials such as wood or stainless steel. They can be contemporary, or ‘New Age’, funky or ‘Gothic’.

My favourite ring is a piece of polished Snowflake Obsidian, so called because of the white internal spots of potassium feldspar, which make it resemble snowflakes falling from a dark sky. It is said to enhance the sharpness of the brain and clarity associated with vision – so perhaps essential it suits me! Obsidian is really volcanic glass, and is also known as Apache Tears.

Onyx is a member of the Agate family, and comes in a variety of colors besides black. It was popular to make cameos, and also can be found in men’s jewelry, especially rings. To learn more info about marcasite pendant necklace take a look at our internet site.
Onyx is said to remove negative thinking and encourage good thoughts.

Hematite is another gemstone that comes in variety of colours, from black to a reddish brown. It was a very well-used stone in Ancient times, the particular Aztecs and the Egyptians especially tried it for painting on walls as well as wearing on the body. It is frequently found worldwide, so it is not expensive. Within crystal lore, hematite has a relaxing and calming effect, dissolving negative thoughts, and helping to ground the wearer.

Plane is the original mourning jewellery, when i mentioned earlier. This is not strictly speaking the mineral as it is formed organically through fossilised wood. It is therefore quite delicate but is fine when made up into jewellery. Women’s silver necklaces and even charm bracelets are suitable uses for jet stones. The east coast town of Whitby is one of the best sources for jet, and it also has associations with Vampires (Count Dracula landed here in the harbour in the novel ‘Dracula’), and Goth or Gothic style. So it appears appropriate for ‘Twilight’ fans to make a beeline for the place!

Other stones which can be found in black form are Marcasite, Smoky Quartz, and Tourmaline (called ‘schorl’ when black). Possibly the most popular is the black diamond. In recent years dark diamonds have increased in popularity, especially in America. They are often heat-treated to create out the intensity of their color.

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