Small Business Credit Cards – The Advantages of Paying Company Expenses with Credit Cards

Can it make sense for a business owner to use small company credit cards? You bet it does! There are numerous advantages to paying virtually all business costs with a credit card. Let’s examine a few of these advantages.

Better Terms

Sometimes in business, you have to spend money to make money, which can mean putting up cash on the front end before you see any returns. Your choices are limited – you can spend the money now in cash, pay with a credit card, or, if available, choose a net 30 term of payment.

Most small business credit cards offer a better interest rate and have fewer yearly fee charges than individual cards. Credit card companies typically see a more reliable payment history for businesses than they do with individual consumers, so that they give these business cards a lesser interest rate. And, with the credit card market becoming more and more competitive, companies are lowering, plus, in many cases, eliminating the annual fee.

This makes paying expenses with a credit card an attractive way to regulate income. You keep your cash on-hand and can spend the bill off on your own routine for relatively little additional cost.


Many business-oriented credit cards also provide very attractive rewards programs including cash-back incentives, airplane miles, gifts, and complimentary services. Some credit cards also offer savings from specific retailers simply by using the credit card to make the purchase. Why not pay all business expenditures with a credit card and take advantage of these types of free rewards?

Many cards, like the American Express Platinum Card, give the cardholder free membership into numerous airline clubs. This comes in useful for the traveling businessman. Airline clubs give the cardholder a nice private golf club atmosphere in nearly every airport that provides free wireless internet access, phone providers, food and beverage, and a quiet place to relax.

Another benefit most cards provide their members is a concierge support that will assist you with getting restaurant bookings, tickets to concerts and sporting events, and many other services that can be useful for your own business owner. Some cards even offer free automobile and travel crisis services as well as free travel insurance.

Ease of Banking

Many small business credit cards offer free online reporting. This allows the business owner to pay their credit card expenses, monitor expenses instantaneously, and review statement charges anytime online. Many cards can also classify the fees by business-related categories on a quarterly and year-end summary statement. This is very useful for the small business owner in preparing the company tax return as well as developing a great snap shot view of seeing where and how the company can be spending its money.

Consumer Safety

When it comes to business expenses, credit cards offer the exact same protection as for the individual consumer. This is an often-overlooked advantage of having a small business charge card. Paying business expenses with a charge card for gives the owner protection against fraudulent charges and, in many cases, a long warranty over and above the manufacturer’s normal warranty.
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Also, in the event you pay for some thing where there is fraud involved, the particular credit card company will protect both you and reverse these charges, putting the responsibility of proof on the vendor.


Using small business credit cards to pay company expenses offers added security, comfort, and attractive rewards – monetary and otherwise. And, they permit you to receive added financial incentives while regulating cash flow to meet the ebbs and flows of your business. With all the growing market for business credit cards, you are sure to find an attractive credit card choice that offers quality payment terms plus fits in with your business needs.